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Health is something we take for granted ... until we get unwell.




My journey to health began in my early 20’s. Following a few highly stressful events, accompanied by several antibiotic-treated infections, I developed symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). After numerous visits to the doctor it became clear that the only solution being offered, i.e. life-long use of prescribed medication, was not the route I wanted to go down. I later learned that, in conventional medicine, IBS is actually a diagnosis given on the basis of excluding more serious diseases such as cancer or Inflammatory Bowel Diseases (IBDs). Although, I was initially relieved that my symptoms had not resulted in a diagnosis of either of these, constantly suppressing my IBS symptoms with medication left me wondering about my long term health, particularly when the underlying problem was not being addressed. This is when my own research into natural remedies and prevention strategies led me to discover the power of nutrition.

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By supporting my digestive system through healing nutrients, addressing deficiencies, and using functional testing to assess imbalances and what was driving my own symptoms, I took charge of my own health. Furthering my interest I decided to embark on a 3-year course in Nutritional Therapy at the College of Naturopathic Medicine, where a combination of outstanding and inspiring teaching, student support and direct clinical work, enabled me to take nutritional interventions to the next level. 


As a mother to three young children, incorporating good nutritional habits has been vital in helping me maintain my health and managing the demands of a busy life. It also plays a major role in raising my children, ensuring I am feeding them good wholesome nutrition to support their growing bodies and minds. That being said, every day involves different choices as I learn to ‘walk my walk’. What I have learned is that the effect of feeding myself, and those around me, on foods that are wholesome, unprocessed, unrefined and free of toxins, is immediately rewarding bringing with it greater energy levels, better mood and an increased quality of life.


My experience tells me that food is neither just fuel nor indulgence, it is the information that is necessary for every bodily function and for sustaining a life of vitality. We all, given the right education and tools, have an innate ability to take charge of our health and to achieve wellbeing. In other words, the power to take action is within us, and not necessarily in our health care provider.


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I wanted to see someone who I felt knew what they were doing!


I think Jennifer does and I really like her thorough and steady approach. For me further testing has been invaluable in getting my life back in terms of being pretty much able to eat what I want again. It has also helped me to have faith in the supplements I have taken as these are based on those results. Also she is not afraid to tell me I need to take better care of myself, which in turn has helped me to be stronger in focusing on my recovery. I am very grateful to her.


~ Katie, Birmingham

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