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Are you tired of never feeling ‘well’?

Are you constantly battling with your weight, mood, low energy, and never knowing what to eat?

Hi, I'm Jennifer


I'm a registered Nutritional Therapist and Health Coach specialising in digestive wellness and healthy weight management. I help my clients to achieve a lifestyle free of excess weight, bloating, and negative self-beliefs, once and for all!


I work with busy people who are constantly worrying about everything else besides themselves, who want to lose weight, balance their hormones, and simply re-charge their health and feel more vital and energised than ever.


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I combine Health Coaching with cutting edge nutritional science to create a custom and tailored programme just for you, and to help you find the motivation for lifelong success.


My focus is:


  • aligning nutrition to YOUR UNIQUE needs and biochemistry

  • offering tailored diet and lifestyle advice that is simple to incorporate 

  • support with recipes, meal planning and cooking

  • lifestyle changes, not dieting

  • for you to feel and look good from the inside and out

The best way to CREATE CHANGE is to get started, however, sometimes we need a push!


If you are looking for help with weight loss, sugar cravings, low energy, feeling bloated or sluggish digestion, then check out my personalised health programmes.

Because KNOWING WHAT TO DO is not enough, you need to actually DO IT.



Here are a few examples of my targeted & personalised health programmes:


 Weight loss


Blood Sugar Balance


IBS/Digestive Issues


Emotional Eating


 Food Intolerance Quick Start Programme

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This is what my previous clients have said about working with me.

Looking for BALANCE in your life, blood sugar and waistline?


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I wanted to see someone who I felt knew what they were doing!


I think Jennifer does and I really like her thorough and steady approach. For me further testing has been invaluable in getting my life back in terms of being pretty much able to eat what I want again. It has also helped me to have faith in the supplements I have taken as these are based on those results. Also she is not afraid to tell me I need to take better care of myself, which in turn has helped me to be stronger in focusing on my recovery. I am very grateful to her.


~ Katie, Birmingham

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